What is Small Business Coaching?

For those who have never worked with a Business Coach, it's very common to wonder; what is Business Coaching for Small Businesses and how would it help me and Business?

Business Coaching is where the Coach understands the current situation of the business, then determines the best approach to move the business in a direction the Business Owner wants to take it.

In some cases the Business Owner is unsure what those next steps might be or where they want to take the business, so it's up to me, the Business Coach, to determine the next best steps suited for the Business Owner.

Alison Morgan, Business Coach

Alison Morgan, Business Coach

As Business Coach, my coaching methods in Business focuses on clarifying the vision, then guiding to grow the business in a manageable manner which also suits the Business Owners personal goals.  Some Coaches overlook personal goals, however I find this is an incredibly important element in Small Business. 

Most Small Business Owners create a business based on wanting to enjoy a flexible lifestyle, a change in circumstances i.e.:  having a family, wanting a career change or simply wanting to be their own boss and build a dream life.

Given this, it's imperative that personal goals and lifestyle are taken into account when creating a successful business. 

How does Business Coaching work?

Through completing a pre-consultation questionnaire and the outcome from our 1st meeting, I'm able to identify and clarify where the Business Owner would like to take their business as well as action steps to take. My Business Coaching process helps strategise and prioritise goals and actions to progress the business.

We meet every 4-6 weeks, which allows the Business to stay focused & move forwards. There are many clients I have been working with for several years. Whether we work together for a long period of time or several months; the work is implemented by the Business Owner.  The progression can be substantial when implemented accordingly. Regular meetings are extremely important for staying on track and achieving these goals.

What is Business Coaching?

During the meetings, we address issues, hurdles and wins, covering both the bigger picture and the day to day runnings.  

Based on the conversation and my recommendations, we then plan and create actionable steps to move the business forwards.

The aim is to make the business more profitable in a manner which has a simple approach for the Business Owner. 

Role of a Business Coach

My role as Business Coach is a mentor, navigator, strategist, teacher, business friend and support. 

Identifying and helping you reach your full potential is also extremely important. This is particularly helpful if you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed - causing your direction and confidence to dip.

Because I have been Business Coaching for so many years, and I have a large amount of connections, I'm also able to connect you with relevant people where needed. Quite often finding success in business is knowing who to go to with which question.

 I am also a sounding board with an expert opinion who has the ability to recognise your business opportunities and distractions quickly to keep you on the path to success.  

In every meeting I continue to work with you to guide, recommend and strategise on gearing the Business to address hurdles, recognise opportunities and keep you on a positive path to progression.  

What is Business Coaching?

Email support is also provided to clients where we are meeting at a maximum of 6 weeks apart. This allows you to email any questions through /  overlook work before sending them onto a supplier or staff member etc. 

Discussions between myself and clients are very tailored to suit the individual. I may be coaching 3 Yoga Studio's in 1 day; the issues may be similar, however the solutions are always different. This is because I'm taking on board all the variables - meaning a different solution will work best for each business. 

The exciting bit is, that my method of Business Coaching will save you time and money and fast-track your success. I am honest and will provide you with fresh insights.

Having a regular time to step away from the business and look at it with fresh eyes is very rewarding. A safe space to talk where no judgement is made is also important when running your Business. 

I absolutely love 1:1 Business Coaching. I enjoy building relationships and helping others build their Businesses. I often say that having a Business Coach is similar to having a silent Business Partner and a trusted Business friend that will give expert advice in a professional yet relaxed manner. Honest feedback, advice and support will make all the difference during your Business journey.  

What is Business Coaching?

Alison is an expert Business Coach with over 6 years 1:1 Business Coaching and 20 years experience in Business and Marketing.

Alison Business Coaching Small Businesses in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other areas throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The Business Coaching meetings are via Zoom, FaceTime, Phone, or in some instances can be done Face to Face in Sydney. Simply drop Alison an email to find out more details. 

If you'd like to find out more details about working with Alison as a Business Coach, click here