The Worst Complaints Your Business Could Receive

The Worst Complaints Your Business Could Receive

Receiving feedback from your customers is a part of the business life. It’s what makes sure you’re operating properly, that you’re doing everything you can to ensure someone comes back to shop with you again, and it dictates how well trained your employees are. However, not all feedback is good feedback, and a lot of criticisms exist out there in the market, both big and small.
And they’re always going to have to be things to deal with. Just like having a bad website, having some bad customer service is really going to get around, and that can damage your reputation massively. So when it comes to receiving customer complaints, let’s look at some of the worst that could be filed with your business.

That You Have a Misleading Advert

A misleading advert is something a lot of people could complain about, seeing as everyone who follows it is going to be led to the same source, and that’s you and what you seemingly don’t actually have to offer. Make sure you’re not caught in this crossfire. On the other hand, if someone is simply not satisfied with the service you provided, they could very easily complain that what you advertised online or on the TV was false; make sure this isn’t true by including fineprint when you need to, and in clear view (despite being small text at the bottom of the screen).

This way, the law will be on your side if someone simply wants to bring your reputation down a notch. After all, there can be some very petty people out there, and you need to make sure you can pinpoint all these accusations with very definite evidence that you did nothing wrong.

That You (possibly) Gave Someone Food Poisoning

If you run a restaurant, anything to do with the food and drink you serve has to be perfect. So when there’s something even slightly wrong with what you take out to be served, there’s a very good chance you’re going to hear about it! And when there’s even a chance the one of your customers came away with food poisoning, it might just be the complaint that tips you over the edge.

Food poisoning accusations can very easily run a small business in the hospitality sector, so it’s at this point that you go to damage control, and run your contingency plan (and if you don’t have one, you need to come up with one). This is also where your Business Insurance can come in handy, as any damages a customer might sue you over, or any libel court cases you feel the need to bring up can be covered by your provider.

Customers are going to complain, and as the business owner, you’re always going to have to handle these complaints. Make sure you do so with the right information and tactics on your side, and always protect your employees against any action an upset customer might want to take against them.


Alison Morgan