The Pampered Professional - Why Serviced Offices Are Gaining Traction with SMEs

Why Serviced Offices Are Gaining Traction with SMEs

Small-to-Medium Enterprises, SMEs, form the fabric of much of the Australian business landscape. The SME in Australia has the advantage of a government that supports and encourages enterprise. Even with this support, SMEs still find themselves competing against larger businesses, and competing in an arena where there is still a disparity.

Nowhere is this disparity more apparent than in finding available office space. For SMEs, budgeting for office space that lines some of the most prestigious locations can be frighteningly daunting when considering the cost that goes into funding such lavish office space, that big business can easily afford to lease in these areas. However, SMEs reap the benefits of the serviced office revolution, which provides your business with a number of options.

Continue reading to discover exactly why SMEs are finding the serviced office a viable solution.


A typical office lease in a prime location can cost businesses upward in the thousands of dollars to lease in any major Australian city. Add in furnishing the place, providing appropriate office equipment, and staffing the office and your budget can easily dip in the red. Simply stated, as many SMEs find that office in prime locations is increasingly expensive, they are seeking out alternatives.

The serviced office industry, conversely, can offer businesses more bang for their buck in terms of office amenities. Visit Servcorp Australia’s site at to see the various amenities that go along with using the serviced office. More often than not, the space and the amenities that go with it cost significantly less than conventional office leasing.

Little-To-No Down Time

Another reason SMEs are flocking to serviced office is that setting up, expanding, and relocating your office takes very little time. In fact, when leasing through traditional methods, businesses find they are involved in an entire orchestration, which requires planning almost a year ahead. With serviced offices, businesses can be fitted out with their new office much more quickly for a few reasons.

The first one is that the serviced office provides all of the furnishings and standard office equipment needed in the modern office. SMEs do not have to worry about turning on utilities, cable, phone and IT services as well. Finally, many of these outfits come with support staff. By choosing to utilise an office space that’s completely fitted out and ready to go, you’re free to spend more time running your business.

Networking Opportunities

One of the best qualities of serviced offices is the social interactions that happen when many businesses share space with other professionals. This means you get exposure to a diverse range of industries that work in the same area. Your business benefits from the numerous opportunities you have to engage the greater business community in your building. These networking opportunities can be the foundation of partnerships and collaborations, if not simple referrals. Ultimately, by working with and engaging other professionals, your business’s profile is raised.


Among all of the benefits of a serviced office, SMEs find that leasing a serviced office alleviates many of the stressors related to running a business. For one, your budget is extremely simplified as you only have to pay out one lump sum at the end of the month. Also, regardless of the stage of your business, the lease can be easily modified. Finally, the initial start-up costs and monthly rental fees are much more cost-effective than traditional leases.

SME-Friendly Office

As businesses find alternatives to traditional office leasing, the serviced office remains a favourite, even in this day and age of advanced technologies that provide businesses with a range of office solutions. SMEs, in particular, are moving toward serviced office solutions that simplify the search for office space for a number of reasons. More significantly, stress-free, cost-effective office space levels the playing field for many businesses.


Alison Morgan