Q & A Interview with Sam Wood

28 by Sam Wood

Bio / descriptor of 28 App:

28 by Sam Wood is already an extremely successful online program, achieving incredible results for the 130, 000+ people who have completed it in just over 2 years. For those who join, 1 in 3 come back multiple times! Collectively, 28ers have lost over 2 million kilos in that time that he knows of. Now, we have launched an incredible new app to take the 28er experience to a new level. There are so many incredible features that make healthy living easier than ever.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself:

Sure. I don’t really know where to start. I’m a businessman and lover of all things health and fitness but above all I am a very proud dad to 2 beautiful girls and fiancée to Snezana.

What makes the app unique to other fitness apps?

It’s definitely the most comprehensive program on the market. Hundreds of workouts, thousands of recipes and most importantly we place equal importance on both body & mind. Mind includes helping you sleep, keeping you motivated, tracking your progress and staying connected. On top of this, our tech truly is world-class. We have some incredible features, in particular being the only fitness app in the world that syncs watch and phone in real time.

What was the inspiration behind creating your App?

After being a trainer for 17 years, building some incredible relationships and getting wonderful results with my clients, it was simply to be able to help more people.

How do you juggle running your growing business with the needs of your family?

I won’t lie, there are times when it gets the better of me. Snez is very involved with the business so we get to spend lots of time together and no matter how busy things get I always make sure family comes first.

Photo after our workout at the 28 by Sam Wood Media Launch

Photo after our workout at the 28 by Sam Wood Media Launch