Q&A Interview with Pink Kimberley

About Pink Kimberley:

An Australian family business established in 1967, servicing the jewellery and watch industry for over 50 years. The Pink Kimberley range was named after the precious stones central to the design and the place where they are found.

Can you please tell us a bit about you and how you established Pink Kimberley:

The Argyle Mine in Western Australia produces some of the most beautiful and rarest diamonds available. We recognised the true beauty in the Kimberley Argyle pink diamond, and in response to growing demand and increasing scarcity, we’ve decided to create a jewellery brand accessible to all enthusiasts.  

Interview with Pink Kimberley

What makes Pink Kimberley jewellery unique:

Each piece is unique. Each diamond has its own story to tell. All of our pieces are made after handpicking our own Argyle pink diamonds. PINK KIMBERLEY combines the natural beauty of Australian pink diamonds with award winning Australian contemporary design.  

How often do you release new styles / a new range?

Our new styles are set to be released semi-annually. We design styles relating to the seasons (Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter).

Do you run any marketing campaigns to heighten awareness when releasing a new range?

Our highly anticipated new styles are showcased though our PR Company, Sweaty Betty and via social media. We also select a handful of trade magazines to exhibit in.

Where can people find your jewellery throughout Australia?

We personally choose highly trained and respected jewellery stores to showcase our pink diamonds. A comprehensive stockist list is available on our website, and also directly via our newly launched web store

Which are your 3 most popular styles?

1)     Kimberley Rosala Ring – a homage to the classics, this beautiful Argyle pink diamond ring is set between two halos of exquisite white and pink diamonds.

2)     Kimberley Perrima Ring – a new take on a classic idea, this ring features a pear shaped Argyle Pink Diamond in the centre, surrounded by two rows of argyle pinks and white diamonds.

3)     Kimberley Peony Ring – as delicate as a flower, this ring showcases an Argyle Pink diamond set inside a rose gold bezel, surrounded by dazzling white diamond petals.

What should people look out for when selecting diamonds?

Natural diamonds regardless of colour are graded and valued according to the well-established and recognised ‘Four Cs’ method: Colour, Clarity, Carat Weight and Cut

For white diamonds, the grading process is fairly rudimentary. However, with pink diamonds, there is one measure that is far more important than the others - and it is the Colour of the diamond; both the actual colour and its intensity. It’s this that determines the value of a pink diamond. Clarity is still important, but it’s secondary to Colour, followed by Carat Weight and Cut.

Argyle Pink Diamonds range in colour from the palest blush pinks through to deep red and every shade of the pink spectrum that lies between. The deeper the shade of pink and greater intensity of colour, the rarer and more valuable the diamond is. At the far end of this spectrum are the highly coveted Fancy Red Diamonds. They are so rare that very few people in the world will ever see one.