In Search of The Freedom Lifestyle

In Search of The Freedom Lifestyle

Today, many people are choosing to work more flexibly, often known as the remote working lifestyle many people are keen to learn new ways to automate their business and manage it from afar.

Now, not everyone needs to pack up their bags and head to a tropical island, but it seems the lure of such freedom is a huge motivator for many entrepreneurs seeking more freedom.  That said, many people are looking for ways to work more flexibly in order to live a more “full life” in the sense that nobody wants to be chained to a desk, whilst their kids come home from school excited to see their parent’s, to find mommy and daddy are still at work.

In a nutshell, many people dream about a lifestyle with more freedom and travel, and as a result of technology, today, what was once a distant dream is becoming a reality for many people.

In this vein, the idea of working smarter rather than harder comes to mind - and the concept of outsourcing activities that can be outsourced is critical to this.  For instance, why spend hours upon hours phoning conference venue after conference venue in search of the perfect event when you could hire a virtual assistant to make these calls on your behalf.

This way, they can ask key questions in their fact finding mission, and report the results to you by email so that you can make a decision or find out more information from the leading options.

The core barrier to living a more remote working lifestyle, however, is that many business owners are still battling the financial trap of trading their time for money, meaning they are anchored to a particular location as their business requires them to spend ‘facetime’ with clients and customers.

Whilst Skype, and indeed, the app FaceTime have reduced the need to be physically present even in contexts that are personally involved, for instance solicitors and psychotherapists, but even people within these professions are finding themselves able to embrace the remote working lifestyle due to technological advances in addition to social acceptance of such platforms.

The core piece of advice for those looking to live the “freedom lifestyle” is to create a business that generates revenue in an automated format - for instance, an Amazon store that utilises the power of dropshipping can be an entirely automated process; from Facebook Ads that hook visitors to your automated e-commerce website, or platform, such as Etsy, to the picking and shipping of products handled by an outsourced dropshipper.

Therefore, the most intelligent thing you can start looking into is a way to generate revenue that doesn’t require you to be physically present.  The best way to do this, is to leverage technology and systematic processes to automate revenue generation.

It’s important to remember that this is not limited to technological systems, however, for instance, you might expect a business consultant to rely on trading his or her time for money - yet, you can even automate the process of consultancy.

How?  Create an online course!  

In this sense, whilst the consultant might invest 100 hours into creating the course, once it is created, it is an asset they can leverage time and time again - meaning they are leveraging a system to generate revenue, thus, they are able to embrace the “freedom lifestyle”.

Alison Morgan