Improving Employee Moral Instantly

Improving Employee Moral Instantly

Employee morale massively affects how you’re able to run your business. It’s not as easy as you might think either, because there will be factors out of your control that will affect how you’re able to manage your employees. There will be issues amongst themselves that you might only be able to make worse, and their might be issues that they have with you, that you didn’t even know they had! So, how do you think you’re going to be able to improve employee morale, when getting in the way might cause an issue bigger than what was there in the first place? Well, it might be like navigating a minefield, but if company morale as a whole is dipping, we do have a few tricks up our sleeve to help the situation instantly. Have a read on to find out more.

Team Feeling

The main reason why people struggle to gel as a team, is because they don’t feel like a team as it is. Think of it like school, friendship groups are going to form, and it’s easy for people to feel left out. So, to try and create that team feeling, there’s a few things that you can do. The first is something so simple as custom badges. Everyone can have the same design, but obviously they’ll all have different names. By doing this, you’re allowing the group to actually feel like a group. Everyone has a role within the team, and it’s easy to get lost if something so simple as a name badge is missing. The same uniform, or the request of what your staff should wear should be the same for everyone. Again, a simple little tactic that some seem to miss. Making sure that everyone works with different people every so often can also help. If people have specialised jobs, this might be a little harder. If you can, you should try and merge groups together through their roles however.

Iron out Your own Issues

The boss is the most feared person, and that’s what a lot of people will admit about the workplace. Even though you might not feel as though you’re doing anything wrong, your staff will definitely think you are. It’s hard to be the most perfect boss to them when you have so many other stresses going through your mind. So, what we recommend is ironing out your issues before you talk to your staff. Even if you’re going up to them with the best of intentions, your voice will definitely come across as though you mean otherwise.

Team Building

Monthly team building is essential. It’s so much fun to do something that’s outside of office hours that your employees can actually enjoy. It’s such a quick way of helping the team bond together, and you can do absolutely anything with them. A team building activity could be something so simple as taking them all to a pub quiz and buying them all two drinks. It won’t set you back massively, and it’ll be a good way for them all to get chatting outside of work.

Alison Morgan