Five Tips to Improve Your Office Environment

Five Tips to Improve Your Office Environment

If you would like to keep your team happy and improve their productivity and wellbeing at the office, there are some simple things you can change that will make a huge difference. People will want to feel safe, cared for, and free when they spend eight hours or more on the business premises. Below you will find a few tips on how to improve your office environment and create a positive and inspiring atmosphere at work.

1. Natural Light

Most of your employees might have a computer or laptop on their desk. Using the screens for multiple hours a day can strain their eyes, and tire them out. It is always better to opt for natural light in the office. Open up your space and let the light in, so you save on your electricity bills and improve the wellbeing of your colleagues.

2. Workout Areas

If you want your employees to stay active mentally and physically, you could create a small gym room they can visit before or after work, or during their lunch breaks. You might encourage exercise in the fresh air by installing a gym playground outdoors for your employees to use in good weather. While the building work will take a few weeks, and you might have to visit The Temporary Fencing Shop to keep everyone safe, but the results will be worth it.  

3. Landscaping for Picnic Lunches

You can also employ a landscaping firm to improve the outdoor and add some shaded seating area for your staff to have a meeting, take their lunch break, or simply relax. You can also create a lawn patch where they can have a picnic or play frisbee if there’s enough space, or engage in Badminton competitions during breaks or after work.

4. Open Doors or Glass Walls

To create a democratic culture and enable communication to flow in every direction at the office, you might want to implement an open door policy. You need to be there for your employees to give guidance, and you don’t want them to feel alone with their problems. Instead of having cubicles, opt for large spaces separated by glass walls.

5. Collaboration Hubs

To encourage your workers to share knowledge and collaborate, you might want to create a collaboration hub that allows them to project their screens on the wall for other team members to see, show off their presentations, or simply discuss solutions. A creative space that accommodates brainstorming activities is likely to improve teamwork and productivity at the office.

If you would like your employees to feel at home in the office and respect their environments as well as each other, you have to create a safe and inspiring environment. Before you start implementing any of the above modifications, create a survey among your staff, so you can adjust your plans to their needs, wishes, and preferences, and meet their expectations on every level. While these projects will not cost you a great deal, they can earn you respect, increased loyalty, and productivity for years to come.


Alison Morgan