How User Intent Affects Your Search Engine Optimisation

How User Intent Affects Your Search Engine Optimisation

As a small business owner, chances are that you’ve heard the phrase “SEO” thrown about a whole lot. SEO stands for “search engine optimisation” and is a process that you should definitely engage with. It helps to raise your website’s rankings in search engine results, securing a top spot on the first page, which in turn will encourage more traffic to pass through your site and can help more customers find what you are selling or offering.


Now, most small business owners focus on keywords when it comes to creating an SEO campaign. Small business owners guess what users may type in when searching for the type of products that they sell and then incorporate these into their product descriptions, product titles, and professional blog posts. But you should also turn your mind towards user intent to really profit from SEO.

User Intent

User intent refers to what a user is really trying to find when conducting a search online. Sure, they may use keywords, but they will want these keywords to direct them to particular information. They may be asking a question, for which they will require an answer. They might want to find something, for which they will expect a link leading them to what they want. They might be trying to process a transaction and will expect to be directing to a transactional page. The infographic from Digital Meal SEO below should help you to work this to your advantage!

Infographic Design By Digital Meal SEO
Alison Morgan