Coffee Confidence – 5 Ways Coffee Can Make You More Productive

5 Ways Coffee Can Make You More Productive

If you are part of the growing masses of people who choose coffee on a daily basis, you are probably well aware of the potential for productivity-boosting that lies in each and every coffee bean. Whether you choose to get a fancy beverage from your local coffee shop or simply enjoy a fresh cup from one of the great office coffee machines by Corporate Coffee, coffee is synonymous with improving focus and attention.

While it is important to consider the proper dosage, as being over-caffeinated can cause jitters and difficulty in concentrating, and personal responsiveness to caffeine is different for everyone, there are many efficiency-enhancing benefits offered by coffee. It can help you to focus on the task at hand, increase energy levels and help you to be more productive in your work.

Let’s take a look at just a few ways that a simple cup of coffee can improve your productivity.

Improves Alertness And Wakefulness

Coffee is well-known for stimulating feelings of alertness and wakefulness shortly after consumption. While part of this effect might be from the hot temperature of the brew, the scientific reason is founded in neurochemistry. Caffeine effectively blocks adenosine (which is a naturally occurring substance that causes you to feel tired) and prevents it from binding with your brain’s receptors for some time. This is perfect for overcoming some mild tiredness and getting some serious work done.

Boosts Aptitude For Learning

Any professional worth their salt will always be interested in continuous learning. By improving your ability to focus and stay attentive for longer, coffee can enhance your ability to absorb more information and commit it to memory. It can improve your ability to perceive patterns and can also increase willpower, which can come in handy when you are feeling lazy but need to make the decision to continue working or studying.

Protects Your Productivity Engine: Your Brain

Although some groups of people should not consume coffee, those who are fortunate enough to be able to can also enjoy some health benefits that go a long way toward protecting your brain to be productive in the long term. Coffee is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which can help to protect the brain from oxidative stress and other stress hormone damage. This can help to keep you functioning optimally well into old age.

Enhances and Encourages Socialization And Creativity

While many good ideas occur in solitude, brainstorming or conversing with others is a great way to inspire new streams of thought. The synergistic effect of coffee often acts as a mild social lubricant and conversation is especially geared towards positive and thought-provoking discussions, which can ultimately improve efficiency and productivity. Just think of the historical precedent of the salons and cafes of France which were filled with prolific intellectuals and clever conversation.

Café Culture Can Boost Productivity

Working in a café environment on your laptop amid the bustle of background noise can engender feelings of being a part of something bigger than your own project. Working alongside strangers who are also working hard can also push you to complete your tasks quicker and more effectively. While the nature of your business might not be flexible enough to have employees work remotely from cafes, you can create a similar environment by opening up your workspace and including an office coffee machine in the lunch room to simulate the productive environment of a cafe.

Better Living Through Chemistry

While coffee is not the only thing, which can improve your productivity – exercise, diet, and minimizing stress are also important – it can definitely be a useful component to optimize the time you spend on your work. You likely have already experienced some of these benefits yourself, so brew a fresh pot of coffee today and ensure you at your most productive.

Alison Morgan