Five lifestyle changes that will increase your productivity

Five lifestyle changes that will increase your productivity

We often get too caught up in our busy lives to stop and reflect on our lifestyle habits. We might justify this with reasons such as being too busy or tired, but the truth is, the way you live has a huge impact on how you feel and perform on a daily basis.

Making small changes to your lifestyle can help you to become more productive and effective in the way you structure and complete your tasks. Moving towards healthier habits will create a physical and mental effect that allows you to approach each day with a better mindset.

You might not know how to start making such changes, or have limited time to spend on reconsidering your lifestyle options. But it doesn’t have to be hard – reorganising your schedule to make time to head to the gym or subscribing to a service that delivers pre-portioned ingredients for uncomplicated and healthy HelloFresh meals are both examples of ways to quickly enhance your lifestyle.

By making these kinds of positive changes, you’ll have positive results in the way you approach life. The most important thing is your attitude and willingness to make adjustments. Once you start to put in effort, it’ll be easy for you to make the necessary transitions and reap all of the benefits.

Eating healthier

This is an obvious but really impactful means of improving your lifestyle. However, for many people this step can be a lot harder than it sounds. Dining out is a social activity you may often engage in and restricting yourself purely to food that is good for your body can make you feel a little left out.

Five lifestyle changes that will increase your productivity

On top of that, it can be troublesome to plan out your meals or alter your recipes to ensure you are eating healthily. Luckily, there is no shortage of online resources out there that can help you to make more informed choices.

Balance and planning is essential to having a healthy lifestyle. Remember that your transition doesn’t have to be instant – start by making small changes to your current lifestyle, such as cooking a new healthy meal each week. Keeping track of what you’ve eaten and setting small limits for certain foods or drinks is a good place to start.

Maintain a good sleeping schedule

Falling into a good sleep routine is essential for altering your mood and performance for the better. Sleeping well has a huge impact on your productivity throughout the day. With adequate sleep, you will become a better worker, thinker, and have a better attitude more generally.

Studies have shown that the amount and quality of the sleep you get has a noticeable impact on your ability to do well in several aspects of your life. If you are used to late nights and late starts, this can be a hard adjustment to make. You may have to shift your priorities in order to achieve a good sleeping schedule.

Making the move to consciously put down your phone or be offline by a certain time at night is important. Once you set a bedtime for yourself, you’ll need to make adjustments to allow for it. Try to cut back on the late nights and plan your day better to maximise the time you have before you hit the hay.

Start exercising more

Studies have shown that exercising regularly is beneficial to your physical and mental health. Aside from this, exercise is proven to help stimulate your brain and results in an increased ability to think.

This doesn’t mean you need to immediately sign up to a gym and train three times a week – although that’s a viable option, different things work for different people. For you, exercising more might mean doing a social sport once a week, or going for a hike on the weekends.

Finding a way to fit exercise into your weekly routine – such as making it a social activity with your friends – is ideal for ensuring that it is something you stick with, not just something you give up on after a few weeks.

Declutter and invest in your environment

Decluttering your life helps you to get a lot more organised and improves your outlook in a subtle but impactful way. Having a clean, open space instead of piles of stuff lying around will allow you to work better and may have a positive impact on your mood.

Decluttering can result in more focus and clarity, a positive mood, and higher efficiency and effectiveness in the way you live. It’s amazing what a difference those few minutes you spend every day looking for things can make to your focus and mood. Decluttering and rearranging your work or home environment will help to minimise frustrating distractions.

Take a breather

Having a work-life balance is essential for your overall health and even helps you to be more productive when working. Overworking yourself will always result in a less effective work mindset the longer it goes on.

Remember to take a breather and schedule activities with your loved ones throughout the week. Maintaining your social life and ensuring you have a support system is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Having a balance and things to look forward to in your life will also keep you motivated when you’re working.

Maximising your productivity is inevitably linked to your lifestyle and the decisions you make on a daily basis. Taking steps to adjust the way you live will have a positive impact on the way you work and your overall happiness.

Alison Morgan