5 habits for a better bedtime

Maximising time and productivity are 2 highly important elements for any Business Owner. 

To achieve an energised and productive day, a deep restorative sleep is essential. I didn't used to be a great sleeper, although over the years I've gradually fine-tuned my bedtime routine and surrounding elements to achieve the optimal environment and routine.  This helps to keep up with the pace and demands of running my own business and taking care of the family.

Below are my top 5 habits for a better bedtime: 

1. Natural light throughout the day

5 habits for a better bedtime

Our biological clock runs in 24hr blocks, creating our sleeping and waking cycle. To assist with this, we need to make sure our body receives natural light throughout the day to help with letting our body know it's daytime. 

Whether you're working near a window, or taking a walk outside, make sure your body knows it's daytime by giving it plenty of natural light. 

2. Regular bedtime routine

I didn't create a regular bedtime routine until I was in my 30's! Looking back, I can't believe it took so long!

Creating a routine and having a regular bedtime is extremely important in allowing you to have enough energy the following day. It also helps cultivate a clear, focused and positive mindset too.  

3. Quality mattress suited to you

Sleeping on the right mattress is a key component for a good night sleep.

Do you know whether you prefer a soft, medium or a firm mattress? It's definitely worth making sure you have the right amount of support for your body.

I sleep on a SleepX mattress which has a combination of memory foam and high-resilience foam, which also means it's supportive for couples without the disturbance from one of you moving around. I sleep on a soft mattress because I like comfort and it suits my back better. 

5 habits for a better bedtime

Choosing a mattress which keeps you at the right temperature also helps with a good nights sleep. This is especially applicable on warmer nights when there's a tendency to heat up. 

4. Comfortable pillows suited to you

Pillows can be another make or break for a well rested sleep.

Did you know that low pillows are ideal for back sleepers, medium pillows are good for side sleepers, and high pillows are best for people with broad shoulders?

It's also important that your pillows are non-allergenic and allow air-flow whilst sleeping.

Here's the pillows I use and highly recommend.  I have the medium pillows as this is the perfect height for me (and I sleep on my side). I'm thinking of getting a couple of low pillows for our spare room as I haven't updated the pillows for a while - something that is super important. 

5. Tidy room

A cluttered space gives a cluttered mind. I always spend 5-10 minutes tidying the room before going to bed.

Whether you do this in the morning or the evening, having a tidy room before getting into bed every evening will help with a clear mind and a restorative night's rest.