Closing the Purchase Decision Gap for Buyers

Closing the Purchase Decision Gap for Buyers

As Business Owners, it’s our job to close the purchase making decision gap. Sure, we would all love for strangers to purchase and make use of our products / services without giving it too much thought.

The fact is that in most businesses, this doesn’t happen by itself. It’s our responsibility to create Marketing Strategies to increase trust and credibility so the potential customer feels safe they are making a good purchase decision.

It can be difficult to bridge this gap, however taking on board the tips below can make this less overwhelming…

1. Find your voice & be yourself

Even if your Small Business doesn't have a huge online presence, it is highly likely that you have an online presence in some shape or form, even if it is simply via some website hits. It is essential to find and use your voice amongst your platforms.

Finding the confidence to speak out about your brand and doing this authentically can be tough, there is no doubt about it. No-one is an expert from day 1, however it’s the daily steps which will allow you to become one.

It takes a while to refine, however creating an authentic and true voice for yourself and your business is a key selling point. Remember; customers are engaged through your conviction and passion. Don't underestimate this and ensure it comes across in all ways of communications.

2. Lower Entry Point

Perhaps a segment of your potential buyers need a lower entry point before they buy, or experience a trial offer at a lower price?

This can help add certainty and makes the customer feel confident in your product or service before fully investing. It is a quick, easy and an effective way of closing that gap!

Very often I need to adjust my clients intro offers / entry points. While they may be offering a lower entry, quite often it’s not the right offer to gain the ‘right’ customer.

Be sure to tailor your segmented entry point for your potential customers rather than feeding off what others are doing.

3. Increase Ratings and Reviews

Again, this is about building credibility and confidence. Work out the best way to gain feedback, ratings and reviews. Whether this is through surveys, questionnaires, Facebook / Google review; ensure you are gaining regular ratings.

This builds trust and credibility for your business and peace of mind for your potential customers.

Closing the Purchase Decision Gap for Buyers

4. Praise and Testimonials

Ensure you have a range of testimonials sprinkled throughout your site. These can include those in the form of videos, written words, screen-grabs of feedback from your Social Media feeds and even Google Reviews. Once again, this is about building credibility and building yourself and your brand up.

5. Influencer Credibility

Instagram influencers also help to build credibility. This is quite a grey area and difficult to cover all aspects in a blog article. There are so many exceptions to the rules and strategies need to be created based around your particular business and what it is you want to achieve.

It is important to know however that working with Influencers is a great way to expand your reach and exposure. The social proof an Influencer can give your brand is an amazing tool which you can further incentivise through potentially making your influencer an affiliate of your brand.

6. Media Logos

If you have been featured on or mentioned in the press, it is important to showcase this on your website.

If you have a membership in any trusted organisations or groups that offer trust badges, these also work well.

7. Trusted Payment Gateways

More often than not, customers are most comfortable with PayPal or Stripe. These are tried and tested payment methods which can impact your sales. Your customers want to feel completely secure whenever payments are involved. This is one way to safeguard this priority for them.

8. Up-to-date & relevant Website

Your website should be treated like your phone - regularly updated (every 2 - 3.5 years). Technology is moving quickly and it’s now easier than ever to create a new website.

Your site should be visually pleasing, represent your brand, be functional and completely up-to-date.

A website will assist in selling your product / service. Relauncher’s Studio, Sticky Studio, specialises in creating affordable Website and Marketing Collateral designs especially for Small Business Owners. You can see all the details here, and feel free to get in touch!


Closing the Purchase Decision Gap for Buyers

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