5 Fun Ways To Renovate Your Business' Office Space To Encourage Creativity

5 Fun Ways To Renovate Your Business' Office Space To Encourage Creativity

It has been proven that having an office space that people enjoy working in can help to increase employees productivity.  With that in mind, many offices are now becoming much more creative and focus more on the overall ‘experience of working’, rather than just having a desk to work at - all whilst continuing to be a practical place to work.

Although it’s not always possible to make major changes to your office space as it requires high budgets, we thought we would share some simple ways you can renovate your office space to help encourage productivity and creativity in the workplace.

1. Upgrade All Furnishings To Create A More Modern Look

Whilst this is probably the most expensive option, purchasing all new furnishings is a great way to your office space a whole new look. If you want to make it a space people really want to work in, try getting the opinions of your employees, allowing them to make important decisions about how the office is furnished - after all, they’re the ones who have to spend all day working there.

2. Create A Creative Space Where People Can Go To Work

If you don’t want to refurnish and renovate the whole office, creating a smaller creative space where people can go to work if they choose is another great option. Your space can include coloured walls, cosy seats and lots of inspirational artwork that will inspire creativity as they work. A space like this has proven to help people work harder, and if done properly can be done at a low budget.

3. Renovate The Outside Areas To Make Them More ‘People-Friendly’

If you’re not looking to make any changes to the interior office space, have you considered creating an outside area that is more people friendly? Getting an hour of fresh air during your lunch break can be extremely beneficial when it comes to productivity, so creating an outside space that people actually want to spend their time is could make all the difference.

If you need help when it comes to bulk haulage, landscapers and design it can be a pretty expensive project, but definitely worth it when your employees have a place they feel they can relax in.

4. Have A Space Completely Separate To The Office Where People Can Relax

Again, this is a great idea if you don’t have the budget to renovate the whole office. People love having space where they can leave their desk to relax, but often a work cafeteria is just not enough. Creating a cosy and comfortable space where people can spend their lunch breaks is the perfect way to make people feel more appreciated at work, whilst not having to make too many changes to the office.

5. Add Colour And Character To The Workspace

This is the most simple idea, but could also be one of the most effective! Most offices are decorated in plain colours, to make it easier when people move premises.  This, however, doesn’t encourage creativity or inspire people and can often make work feel ‘as dull as the walls that surround it’. Adding a spritz of colour to the office could do wonders for productivity and will cost very little in when it comes both money and time.

Have you ever renovated your business’ office space before? Let us know what you did in the comments below!

Alison Morgan