4 Challenges Business Owners Face

4 Challenges Business Owners Face

Running your own business can be both exhilarating and challenging. For every hurdle, there is always a solution! The most successful businesses I see are the ones that address the issues.

Below are some common challenges I see amongst Business Owners. These are some common hurdles I work with many clients to help them create solutions to move forwards.  



Challenge #1: Finding Customers

Whether you’re in the startup phase or are a well-established business; everyone faces the common challenge of finding customers at some point along their journey.  Many businesses will also experience reoccurring flows of this hurdle too.

I can understand from my own experience how daunting this can be. The best place to start is to get into the mindset of the customer. What are they thinking? What is their behaviour? Where are they hanging out (both online and offline)? 

It is one thing to know who your target market is, however understanding the mindset & behaviour of your customer will give you a competitive edge. In my coaching sessions, I work with my clients to establish exactly this. You can do this by asking yourself the following: 

  • Who am I talking to?

  • What are their thoughts?

  • What are their needs?

  • What are their behaviours?

  • Where can I find more of these people?

Knowing the above then allows you to tailor Marketing Strategies to appeal to their needs and wants. Understanding their mindset and actions is key to creating successful strategies.  

Challenge #2: Generating Brand Awareness

I know that you understand that big brands are never an overnight success. Businesses and brands are built on hard work, mistakes, periods of quiet times in revenue earning and often mixed with self-doubt.

Having worked with so many different businesses through start up phase to well established businesses, I know what it takes to create and maintain a successful entity. Having a plan and also understanding that things take time is extremely important. You're better off growing into your business rather than being at the helm of a business which is growing too quickly (I've coached many clients in the latter and it's a far more difficult and stressful situation to be in!)

Ideas you can draw upon if your brand isn't getting the interest it deserves include:

  • Identify your Business Goals

  • Reset and create a full Marketing Strategy

  • Build relationships

  • Attend Trade Shows

  • Pitch yourself to create opportunities

  • Attend Workshops and Events

  • Dial up your social media in a targeted approach

  • Ask yourself why your brand isn't getting the reach and recognition it deserves....

Challenge #3: Building an Email List

It is easy to see why an email list is a must have for any business. However, it can also be challenging to do...!

Create an enticing opt-in that is placed strategically throughout your website and social media platforms. Here's several examples in my online store

Promoting your opt-in's via social media, also has the ability to generate sign ups.  You could also think about enticing potential leads via an e-Book, a coupon or free information. 

Challenge #4: Generating Leads

Generating leads is a lot easier than you might think tpp. Your website is by far the most effective tool for turning prospects into warm leads so it is vital that it includes call to action, where you clearly guide visitors to make use of your product or service. This is a strategic move, so ensure this is executed well throughout your site and tailored to the mindset of your audience.

Remember; your aim is to have everything just 1 click away for your potential customer / client!

4 Challenges Business Owners Face

Alison Morgan is a highly experienced Business Coach, specialising in helping Business Owners navigate their business journey and thrive.

Alison adapts her coaching style to suit the client, focusing on start ups through to Businesses which have been in operation for over 10 years.