Burts Bees with Sally Fitzgibbons

Interview with Sally Fitzgibbons, Pro-surfer and Burt’s Bees Ambassador

What are the most important elements for you when it comes to looking after your skin?

Burts Bees Sally Fitzgibbons

My number 1 beauty tip is to have a commitment to use zinc and sunscreen ALL the time. I spend so much time in the sun it wears and tears through your skin so much.

Another tip is to put an extra layer under your eyes as the skin there is so delicate. For me, keeping my skin healthy is just trying to eliminate those harsh chemicals so anything that contains ingredients that I don’t recognise I don’t put on.

What’s your tip for keeping your skin healthy when spending time in the sun?

I have so much exposure to the sun so I’m regularly putting on my zincs and anything with SPF in it, right from when I wake up and then reapplying throughout the day. 

Whether it’s my skin or hair that needs a lot of moisture and a lot of love, I find it really important to have that commitment to myself and take the best care that I can. Surfing and being in the water most days can be really harsh on my skin and hair, so I try to use the most natural ingredients.

Burts Bees Sally Fitzgibbons

 What’s your favourite healthy snack to enjoy during your busy day?

I keep my plate colourful with loads of fresh produce. Keeping things simple by mixing and matching a variety of proteins with veggies or what’s on special at the markets.

While I don’t really have any guilt foods,  I do reward myself with vegan treats, figs or a punnet of blueberries or raspberries on occasion :)

I try stay away from processed foods and make sure I'm constantly mixing different varieties of fruit and veg so my body is absorbing as many different vitamins and nutrients from my food.

Burts Bees Sally Fitzgibbons

 Which is your favourite lip balm?

I always carry a Burt’s Bees All Weather SPF 15 Lip Balm. I have about 5 of them in different bags, so I pretty much have one on me at all times!

How do you relax after a busy week?

Being still. Just still.

I have this great love for movement so I challenge myself to be still. I tell myself at times to just cool off for the day – that’s enough.

Sometimes my friends and I go down to the cliffs, stare at the ocean and soak up a cracking sunset talk about what’s going on in our lives. The practice of being present and not always working towards an event or something I have to prepare for as an athlete. Stillness helps me unwind.