5 tips to avoid burnout

Are you experiencing burnout?

2 months into The New Year...?

If you are, you're not alone. There are more than a handful of clients who are already feeling the pinch and exhaustion soon after returning from their Christmas holidays. 

It's no surprise so many experience burnout. Our culture thrives on long work hours, and we are all contactable in our 'downtime' too. I recently spoke about this in a Mindfulbiz Podcast episode with Dr Ron Ehrlich.

A Life Less Stressed

Below are 5 tips to prevent burnout:

1. Create Boundaries

The pressure to always be ON is no good. Being constantly available or responding immediately is self-imposed & not necessary (I myself am working on this....🙋‍)

It's up to us to create boundaries and adhere to them. 

Here are a few tips which I use:

  • Include in your email signature how often you check your emails
  • If you include email support with your business, make sure it's just email support (not creeping over to social media and phone) - this is a BIG one!!
  • If you include phone / text support, ensure there are times of the day and after work where your phone is set to 'do not disturb'

2. Take Action

Communication is key. If you're nearing burnout - identify the triggers, then take appropriate action.

Quite often this will involve stepping back from something - which also involves communicating to relevant people how processes or elements will change.

Ensure this is done before issues reach a point of high concern.

3. Reassess Yourself

It's critical to look after your Personal Wellbeing first and foremost. Without you.....the business will not run effectively. Especially a Small Business.

As mentioned above in #2; make time to identify the problem, then address the situation accordingly. Self-reflection to pinpoint what is contributing to your burnout is essential to avoiding critical downtime.

4. Restructure Your Time

Taking some time out of your day to go for a walk & breathe in some fresh air can make a huge difference. This is what I do on a daily basis & I find fabulous for re-setting and becoming re-energised. 

Be sure to press the Pause Button...

5. Adjust Your Mindset

It's ok to not be everything to everyone. Trying to be perfect at absolutely everything in your life is exhausting and unrealistic. 

Reset your priorities often. Prioritise change i.e.: work needs more attention and other times family / life needs more attention. 

Release the guilt and adjust accordingly. 

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