Letting go of being a perfectionist

Melbourne Business Coach

It's not uncommon to be a perfectionist. In fact, the amount of people I work with who are self-claimed perfectionists is incredible. Can you relate? You are certainly not alone.

Whilst being a perfectionist can be the making of your offering, it can also be a hindrance at times.

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating about taking action in your business?

Are you waiting for the perfect moment?

As we know, those that succeed are those that take action🌸 

I challenge you to make time to consider where perfectionism is standing in your way

Is it stopping you from Marketing yourself?

Is it preventing you from achieving goals?

Remember, we never start where we end. 'Putting off starting' as a result of perfectionism can be detrimental for your business and self development.

I encourage you gently, to let go and take a step forward in the direction or task which has been standing in your way. I can almost guarantee it'll put a smile on your face and give you courage to continue once you action the element you've been delaying.

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