What to include in your Action Plan


We all know.... those that Take Action are those that succeed.... even if there are mistakes, errors and learnings along the way.

It's no surprises that many Business Owners become overwhelmed.

In many cases, Small Business are comprised of Sole Traders (or a small partnership). Being in the role of doing everything, means that it's very common to become too close to the businesstoo busy to think about growth and very easy to be unsure about what to do next.

We can thank technology for adding to the overwhelm too.....

The best action you can take..... is to remove yourself from your Business to focus on creating an Action Plan (NOT a to-do list....). This may take you a few half-days, or longer (or shorter!) .... depending on your current Business situation.

For me - I'm a logical thinker. I work with clients on a daily basisto create Actionable Tasks and Steps to move them forward.

Whether you're working with a Mentor, Coach or solo with regards to creating an Action Plan - be sure that all the tasks in your plan are leading to where you want to position and grow the business in the next 12-18 months. 

A well-crafted Action Plan should have:

  • Prioritised strategies to help reach your business goals
  • Top-line action steps (not a to-do list)
  • Bite-sized chunks i.e.: approx. 4 weeks of work you can dip in and out of during your BAU
    • Typically, an Action Plan will take you up to a hurdle. When it's time to revisit the Plan, the hurdle is tackled before setting off on the updated Action Plan.
  • Vision for your impending or established business
  • Focus & Clarity
  • Confidence to move forward

 Your Action Plan should be clear & concise, making business life very simple

The plan should be prioritised and highly organised.  Under each Strategy Heading, include bullet point actions for you to take, along with supplier contact details where required.


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