Supercharge your productivity

Every day you have a choice to create a better startmiddle and endto your work and lifestyle. Make an effort to switch things up and build a morning ritual to supercharge  you for the day ahead.

A morning routine which leads to productivity is a science which you can implement in your own life.

Ask Yourself:

  • Can feel more energised and positive?
  • Can work harder & smarter?
  • Can be more alert, focused and relaxed through changing a few fundamental elements in your morning routine?

A morning ritual and it’s complexity will depend on you and your lifestyle & situation. It may include just 1 or 2 elements, or include far more detail.

There’s no definition of what a morning ritual must look like. The detail comes from you - which elements make you feel bettersuperchargeyour performance, and become more positive and efficient in reaching your daily goals.

Below are some elements which you may want to consider including in your own morning routine:

  • Knowing the right time to consistently wake up to allow you enough time to complete your morning routine without being rushed
  • Knowing what you'll eat for breakfast
  • Introducing variety in your breakfast
  • Becoming well hydrated
  • Daily exercise / movement
  • Having clarity and purpose about your tasks and goals for the day, so this doesn't become a thinking time of your morning
  • Having your clothes set aside so you know what you'll wear
  • Eliminate as many decision-making tasks during your morning routine

Choose 1 ritual you anticipate will have the largest impact on your daily productivity, then practise this and make it part of your morning ritual. Through making adjustments over time so the ritual suits you will help determine if this will elevate your day. 

Sticking to new routines for a minimum of 1 month before adding another element will allow you to create new habits which are likely to make an impact on your performance. 

Continue to switch things up and continue to test new elements every month or so. If you have children - this will naturally occur as their routines with school and behaviour change.  

Learning what works best for you and your circumstances is key. Keep the best, then discard the rest and soon you’ll have a morning ritual which truly prepares you for an optimised day of productivity.


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