Routine to spur success

For me, routine is king. The difficulty I face is changing routines, given my kids sporting commitments etc seem to change every term.

It's all about being flexible with your approach, but creating a routine as quickly as possible.

Today I'm uncovering some overarching tips for staying in charge of your business and making the most from each day!



Follow your intended course until you reach success (your version of success).

If you're able to focus and not become distracted by shiny new ideas, achieving goals becomes simpler and quicker.  

Take the pressure off yourself and become excited about doing the small things correctly every single day... chip away.... and overtime you will win.

Stay on your own agenda, rather than being swayed by other people’s agendas.

If achieving success takes longer than you thought it would, you're not alone. Most people are in this situation - it's just that people don't talk about it much...

Stick with your focused approach long enough and you'll see your hard work and determination pay off!


Be productive in the right areasAre you producing the right content for your audience

Ask yourself:

What is the content / output I can and should be creating?

Is it high value and can I create it on a consistent basis?

Every day you should be produce some form of content to push your business to the next level. Connecting with your audience in a meaningful & authentic manner is important and should be done daily.


Create and execute your plan of action in a timely manner. 

You should wake up in the morning and know exactly which tasks are required to create your successful day.

Your own formula to achieve this approach that works for you is fine. The key message is that you need to know what your day looks like before you get to the day.  

Perhaps it may look like:

  • Having tasks in the calendar beyond your BAU
  • Steps to achieving that plan and
  • Having the discipline to stick to the plan

Look back at the end of the day to see where you struggled so you can learn and move forward in the right direction.

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