Building trust online with your audience via Content Marketing

Building trust with your audience can be one of the most challenging elements in the online sphere. It involves you becoming an expert in a field (i.e.: choose a max of 3 topics per quarter), creating and delivering content consistently (& frequently), then gently guiding your viewers onto another area of your business. Authentically.

Earning trust takes time. It's a bit like creating new friendships. In the online sphere, there's a lot going on. It's up to you to cut through the noise, and be seen & heard in a way which complements you as a person and business. 

Your aim is to produce interesting, helpful and useful content. This is a far better approach than going straight in for a sale.

Below are some tips to help establish trust & rapport with your online audience. This in turn will take the pressure off for the need to sell - a big yes to that!

1. Straightup communication

Be open and honest.

If you have hidden costs or clauses - communicate this upfront rather at the final stages of checkout or committing to the sale.

Transparency works best with no nasty surprises.

 What are you offering?

How does it work?

Is there a minimum purchase?

Is there a lock-in period?

2. Deal with problems
If there are complaints or problems, ensure they are dealt with as a matter of priority. Communicating that the issue is being resolved is also extremely important.

Being upfront and honest is extremely important. If you've made a mistake, take ownership and fix it up. 

Old fashioned customer services goes a long way.

3. Contact information
Ensure your contact information is readily available, and there is someone to answer messages in a timely manner.

Sounds simple, and it is. So ensure this is the case within your business. Check your links are working on your website!!!

4. Written content
This allows you to provide the useful and helpful information which relates to your audience. 

In an ideal world..... google wants you to update your website 3x per week to ensure its spiders crawl your site. This is why blogging is so effective when it comes to Content Marketing.

5. Videos
Connecting with your audience via video is becoming easier through InstaStories and improved technology on our phones!

Whether it's via Facebook LiveInsta StoriesInstagramYou Tube or iMovies, there are loads of free ways for us to communicate via videos to help get your message across.

Use videos to answer common questions, create a welcome video, explain an upcoming workshop or event.... Showcase your knowledge and personality via video. This can be as short as 10 seconds or as long as you want....

6. Personalised Mail
A personalised-email campaign is a great way to nurture your relationships with potential and current clients.

Offering services such as webinars or google hangouts allows you to connect with your audience, build trust and gently lead them onto another area of your business.

How can you provide value?

7. Testimonials
People search for your track record. This is a reason why it takes a while for new businesses to gain momentum. 

What can you do to build your track record?

8. Provide case studies
Depending on your business, you may be able to provide case studies on your website.

Giving an insight into your business approach, what it's like to work with you and solutions / results you provide can help your audience understand the benefit of your service / product to them.

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