Managing burnout

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Handling daily pressures of increased workload, constantly multi-tasking and recognisng the fine line between work and life is essential.

Running your own business is so much fun, and largely fuelled by passion. This is why many find it hard to switch off. We LOVE what we do, however it’s just as important to keep life and work in check, avoiding the dreaded ‘burnout’ we hear so many talking about.

Below are some helpful tips to avoid fatigue and burnout: 

1. Health

Starting with the obvious... Look after your health at all times. Sleep, Nutrition and Exercise should be high priorities.

It’s natural for at least 1 of these elements to slip during extremely busy periods, however it’s important to have these 3 areas in balance as much as possible.

Personally, if I allow 1 element to slide, I find it has a negative knock-on effect to everything around me. Blah, no good for myself or the family....

2. Prioritise

Identify your business goals so you’re crystal clear about what it is you want to achieve. Through knowing your goals, you’re than able to prioritise.

Removing demands and organising tasks allows for a clear strategic vision to be created. Phew!

3. Systems

Know areas of your business you’re getting bogged down in. Are there elements which are taking too much time and energy?

Recognising causes of frustrationstress & time wastage will allow you to make smart decisions and create systems & processes to allow for smoother solutions.

4. Outsource

Cash flow is always tight for small businesses. Create a ‘wish list’ so you can clearly see what you're aiming for.

Window Shopping’ via a wish list is extremely powerful and another way to visualise positive upgrade.

5. Network

Surround yourself with a supportive network. Having a strong network of like-minded people who strive for the best and can offer support has true value.

This always goes two-ways.

I have an extremely strong network of friends, family and other entrepreneurs. My relationship with all these people is vastly different, which is something I love. Being able to lean on someone that can help or listen when things are tough is essential.

Likewise, I also like to lift people up when they are stressed out, under the pump or feeling like they need support.

Surround yourself with those who will lift you higher.

If you're feeling like things in your business are putting you on the edge, please get in touch. 

I specialise in helping entrepreneurs create a business and build a lifestyle they originally intended when first starting out in business.

Yes, it's tough - but it's also possible. Never give up on your dreams. They are your reality to grab with both hands...

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