Consistency in branding and communication

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I'm sure you're already aware...being consistent with your messaging and communication is key....! 

Whilst it's important to deliver unique messages to stand out, it's best to firstly identify the exact feeling / emotion you would like your customers / clients to experience.

Your Marketing collateral (both online & offline) should look and feel the same. This includes:

  • website
  • newsletters
  • business cards
  • social media
  • signage
  • programs / service experience / product deliveries .....


Consistent | Memorable | Timely | Helpful

Instills TRUST & elevates your brand

Mapping out your vision is incredibly important when it comes to your communication and branding.

I encourage my clients to use Secret Pinterest Boards and Evernote well before executing anything.

So often, you'll think something is wonderfulgreat and fall in lovewith your new words / tone / branding etc. After sitting on it for a while, revisiting and re-evaluating - it's not uncommon to then change your mind.

Ensuring all your communication & branding is well thought outplanned and fits into your vision will allow you to avoid costly and timely mistakes.

I'm personally going through this process with an Interior Designer as I map out my new home and office for furniture and style. The process is very similar to that which I go through with my Business Coaching clients

I have personally found that being on the 'client side' during this Interior Styling process is allowing me to learn new techniques which I can inject into branding and mapping out business visions. 

The big message to take from this article, is to not get too caught up in the emotion and excitement of executing NEW elements in your business.

 Use time as your friend

Map out your branding and communication. Ask yourself whether it fits into your overall vision....then make educated and sensible decisions.

I'm all for investing in your business, however you must invest wisely, taking the right steps to see a return for your time, effort and cash.

If you're needing help with any of these elements, please get in touch to see how I can help you!

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