Actions successful people take on a Friday

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I'm all about maximising time, as I'm sure many of you reading this will totally agree considering the amount of multi-tasking we are all doing...

Below are some actions many successful Business Owners take on a Friday afternoon to maximise time and productivity for the following week...

1. Create a Friday afternoon routine

Rather than downing the pens or relaxing on a Friday afternoon - create your own Friday afternoon routine which you can implement weekly.

What would this look like for you?

2. Recognise the weeks accomplishments

Spend a few moments recognising what you completed / accomplished.

Finishing the week off with positive thoughts & recognitions is very important for mindset and maximising downtime over the weekend.

3. Set priorities & goals for the week ahead

Create a format which suits you best to prioritise & set goals for the following week.

Schedule both work and personal elements to help with work / life balance. It's also important to be realistic, avoiding added overwhelm or stress.

Carving out downtime during the working week is also imperative. To be your most productive, free time is very important!!

4. Become organised

Declutter your desk, and tidy where needed. Working in a clean organised space will add to a fresh start to your Monday.

5. Set clear boundaries for weekend work

Know your boundaries for weekend work, and then stick to them. They are your boundaries and it's up to you to enforce your priorities over the weekend.

6. Enjoy your weekend

Create some plans for the weekend and enjoy them.

Whether it's downtime doing very little, driving the kids around for their sporting commitments or catching up with friends and family - make sure you enjoy the weekend so that come Monday, you're feeling fresh and energised


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