5 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Eliminate Back and Neck Pain

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Almost every adult has suffered from neck or back pain at some point in their life. It is such a ubiquitous ailment that medical scientists have spent years trying to figure out why it happens. They now believe that human beings are naturally prone to problems with the neck and spine because we haven’t always been bipedal creatures.

The good news is that, bipedal or not, there are lots of ways that you can reduce the risk of back and neck pain and improve your posture. It starts with awareness. Once you know that good posture is important, you can begin to reassess your own and make positive changes. It might be investing in an ergonomic laptop holder or simply eating a healthier diet.

This guide to eliminating frustrating back and neck pain will give you some tips and advice.

Use Your Computer Correctly

This is the single biggest culprit when it comes to bad posture, particularly if you work long hours in an office. The tools that you use must be ergonomically designed or your eyes will become strained, your spine curved, and your legs will ache. Use a sturdy, adjustable laptop holder to raise the screen to a height that is level with your eyes. That way, you won’t be constantly craning your neck to view it.

Sleep On Your Back

The healthiest sleeping position is on your back. If you lie straight like this, your spine can comfortably extend and there is less pressure on your neck. In fact, if you sleep on your back, with a pillow beneath each arm, you’ll be fully supporting the neck and minimising the chance of aches and pains. For those who struggle with this, the best option is to make sure that the pillow doesn’t raise the head too far above the rest of the body.

Try Texting Less Often 

Not everybody is going to find it easy to stay away from their mobile phone, but it is an effective way of soothing persistent neck pains. Constant texting leads to a strained neck because most people don’t raise the device to eye level first. They hold it down by their chest and dip their head to read it. Either text less often or make a habit of lifting the screen up to eye height.

Drink Plenty of Water

The simplest remedy of all should be a familiar one. Water really is a miracle substance. It can boost the health of skin, bones, eyes, muscles, hair, and more. It is also great for nourishing and hydrating the discs between vertebrae. They are made of soft, spongy material and the more water that you drink, the better they function. Stay hydrated to ensure that your spine is always strong and flexible.

Watch Your Posture

Try to be aware of your posture throughout the day. If you’re not used to thinking about it, you’ll find it tricky at first, but practice will help it become a habit. When you find yourself slouching while sitting or standing, make a quick adjustment. Place your feet flat on the ground (don’t shift your weight onto one leg), maintain a straight spine, and hold your head level. This is especially important when sitting for long periods in front of a computer.

Why You Should Never Ignore Back and Neck Pains 

You might be tempted to dismiss the presence of aches in your neck or down your back. After all, everybody gets them sometimes. If they’re not too bad, they’re nothing to worry about, right? Well, the truth is that these kinds of pains are often a warning sign. They’re telling you that your body is being overstrained and overworked. So, listen up and straighten up.