Inbox Marketing


Everyone is on email. In fact, our inboxes are in our pockets / with us at all times. 

Many people ask me questions about approaching new people / brands, and how to best do this.

As an overarching tip, it's best to personalise your approachdepending on who you're contacting, and what it is that you're reaching out for.

 Reaching out to people you've never met does work

Personalise your message + allow it to shine in someones inbox 

Given the above, I have outlined some additional tips for making your 'Cold Messages' stand out in someone's inbox.

1. Find out the person's email address

Most people are on social media these days. See if you can find them there, drop them a message via Social Media asking the best email to catch them on.

This works as an ice-breaker, and a heads up they know something is coming their way. It also confirms you're emailing the correct address.

2. Breathable Email

May sound strange, but it's important to craft a 'breathable email'.

Our inboxes are full, so we don't have the time to pay attention to emails which:

  • have too much information
  • unclear 
  • crowded with an unappealing font


Make sure you're writing in a font which complements your brand. Ensure you use bullet points where relevant and get to the point quickly.

It's also important to have an e-signature with all your links and social handles, as this will often provide credibility which is needed in a Cold Email.

3. Email Content

If you're using a template to write your email, be sure to copy and paste the template into Text Edit before making changes / updates to the email.

Forgetting to do this could mean that your well-intended email lands in the recipients box in different fonts and colours (even though it looked good at your end...)

Check there are no typos or uses of short hand

Always include a reference to your website or social media handle(s) in the 1st or 2nd paragraph so they can easily see who you are. 

Include your call to action.

4. Follow Up

If you haven't heard from your respondent, follow up a few days later. If they don't respond after this, you can choose whether to leave it, or do a final follow up within another few days.

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