Lee Holmes, Supercharged Foods

"Alison is great to work with and is a professional all the way.  She did a wonderful job as MC for my Supercharged Food book launch and had so much positive feedback from the crowd of media and health professionals.  I also had the opportunity to speak at her wellness event which was pulled together with style and grace and was a fantastic event for the health and wellness community."


Cassie Mendoza-Jones

"Alison is one of those rare businesswomen and entrepreneurs, who combines an easy-going, kind and generous nature with the powerful trio of focus, determination and impact.

She stands out to me as someone who knows what she wants, and will create it from a space of generosity, not fear. If she gives you guidance, you can trust it." 


 Elena, Splendour Box

"Alison, thank you for your Business Coaching over the past several months. Splendour Box has sold out of all boxes and we are only in our second month! It would not have been possible without your expert advice and guidance!"



Joanna, The Healthy VA

 “Alison and I met in the wellness industry and I have attended several of her networking events, which I thoroughly enjoy. I have also hired her for professional guidance through her private Business Coaching. 

During our consultations, Alison brings a direct and invested approach to helping me and my business grow. I really appreciate the time she takes to research and understand my needs. She holds nothing back and shares not only her industry knowledge and experience, but new ideas which I can implement with her guidance. She also goes beyond our consultation to ensure I am held accountable and making the most of what she offers as a Business Coach.” 


Liz, Natural Tranquility

"I have been working with Alison since Jan 2015 and I can honestly say, working with Alison has been the best investment I have made for my business. Alison has a genuine passion and interest in helping you and your business flourish. She is a great role model, mentor and motivator with a wealth of knowledge in business and health. 

Since working with Alison my business has direction and structure. Alison has provided me with an individualized step by step Action Plan which has been achievable and not left me feeling overwhelmed. 

To date, with my 1:1 business coaching we have re-branded my business, built a new website, and we are now focusing on Marketing Strategies. I am looking forward to what the future holds for my business and can't thank Alison enough for all her support and guidance."


Shelley, Freedom Wellness

“I had been pondering Business Coaching for so long and it was the best business decision and investment I could have made. Prior to beginning my business coaching sessions with Alison, I was feeling like my businesses were on the verge of doing amazing things I just didn’t quite know how to propel them the next stage. Alison has been amazing. She has guided me forward in both my service and product based businesses. She has offered constant support, helped me with a structured plan forward and a website I absolutely love. I couldn’t recommend Alison and her services highly enough.”



Amelia Harvey

"Alison really helped me...clarify my message and clarify my big vision. Her knowledge of the health and wellness industry... helped me let go of all the stress and focus in on what I needed to do to grow my business."


Anne, Elkie & Ark

"Alison really saw what the VISION was and pushed me to keep it mainstream and not push it down a niche and that's been absolutely critical in where the business is today"