The Essentialists on building a Corporate Wellbeing Business

Building a Corporate Wellbeing Business

The Wellness Duo are changing the Corporate Landscape – join Business Coach, Alison Morgan, along with Lyndall Mitchell and Shannah Kennedy from The Essentialists.

Together and as individuals, Shannah and Lyndall are acknowledged as Australia’s leaders in life and wellness education.  They have more than 3 decades of Presenting and Executive Coaching experience across public and corporate sectors globally.

Shannah and Lyndall work with a diverse range of clients including Macquarie Bank, Deloitte, CBA, QBE, Mercedes, Seek, The Body Shop, Kikki K, AFL, NAB and many other ASX-listed companies. They also work with Olympians, other elite athletes and busy people from all walks of life. They are committed to educate, engage and empower through their unique wellness programs and life coaching, challenging their clients to question the pursuit of “success” at all costs.

Together they teach the art of Essentialism. Small changes for big impact. Specialising in life and wellness skills for teams and organisations to thrive. Life Mastery is the most powerful asset of any employee to propel a company forward with exceptional results.