Quantum Laser Therapy for training and recovery

Quantum Laser Therapy for training and recovery

Joining us in this Podcast episode is Paul Barton, founder and MD of Quantum Laser Therapy.

Quantum Laser Therapy offers cold laser (also known as low level laser therapy) for pain management, health and healing. Cold laser has been around for a long time, although only more recently has started being used more conventionally because of the results people are experiencing for pain management and sports injuries.

The treatment is non-invasive using LED light technology, and works with the body’s natural ability to heal itself because cold laser works to reduce inflammation on a cellular level. It is also offering people an alternative to taking pain killers.

There is over 20 years of research and over 5000 clinical studies and research to support the benefits of cold laser.

Cold laser has become a well-known therapeutic treatment pioneered by GP and pain specialist Dr Roberta Chow who has contributed to many clinical trials and research in Australia.

In this Business Podcast episode, Business Coach, Alison Morgan, speak with founder Paul Barton on the ins and outs of his business.