Marketing to the Mums with Mandy Sacher, author of Wholesome Child

Marketing to the Mums with Mandy Sacher, author or Wholesome Child

Marketing your Small Business to Mum's can be difficult.  In this Business Podcast episode, Mandy Sacher joins me to chat about how she has successfully targeted the Mum Market.

Mandy Sacher; Paediatric Nutritionist and author of Wholesome Child.

Mandy began her career in health as a Personal Trainer in South Africa. Moving to Australia she continued to work as a PT, however decided to continue her education so went to university where she completed a double degree in journalism and international relations. Her journalism work focused on health and nutrition which further sparked her interest in the field. Mandy then studied Naturopathy before going on to gain her qualifications as a nutritionist and is now a fully accredited, practicing Nutritionist with the Australian Traditional Medical Society as well as SOS feeding consultant. 

Mandy has most recently launched her own complete nutrition guide and cookbook, Wholesome Child which is now available Australia-wide and  the US, teaming up with Whitney Port to tackle the ongoing issue of childhood obesity.