Makeup Artist & Clean Beauty Expert Georgina Alexandra

Clean Makeup Artist

Georgina Alexandra joins Business Coach Alison Morgan in this Podcast espidode.

Georgina is a Makeup Artist and a Clean Beauty expert, residing in Victoria.

She has created a Skin Journal to compliment her current offerings; from workshops, events, makeup artistry application and bridal services.

Georgina helps women achieve a natural, glowing complexion with healthy skincare and makeup choices.

After studying makeup artistry, Alexandra was left confused post-graduation when it came to skincare advice and disliked the toxicity found in commercial products.

“I only use clean products because it’s better for both our health and the environment. I have a passion for education, and I love to be a part of the conversation about the importance of our health and the correlation between what we are putting on our skin that is being absorbed and the high importance of our planet, too.”

Georgina is the creator of the 28-day Skin Journal. The revolutionary and beautiful addition to her offerings is a solid, concrete skincare journal where individuals’ own routines are put on paper with the help and guidance of expert advice, allowing for self-reflection and real results.