Lauren Vickers chats about Paco Loves Luna

Lauren Vickers chats about Paco Loves Luna

In this Business Podcast episode, Business Coach, Alison Morgan chats with Lauren Vickers about her activewear business, Paco Loves Luna.

In her 20th year of modelling Lauren Vickers launched her new venture.  Following her love of fitness, beauty and activewear she combined her passion and knowledge through launching her  online activewear store. Made in the USA using recycled plastic bottles to create lightweight, quick dry eco-friendly clothing for women - Paco Loves Luna showcases activewear for all shapes & sizes, including maternity and plus sizes.

Paco Loves Luna was created in 2017 and launched January 2018. “I wanted to bring the brands I know and love to one place for women of all shapes and sizes to help them on their fitness journey”.

Whilst recently finishing her accreditation as a Personal Trainer and training clients on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, as well as continuing her modelling with TV presenting and ambassadorship roles, Lauren knew it was time for an additional chapter.

The brand ranges from simple colours to creative prints with all the fabrics being ecofriendly, even down to the stitching being hand sewn with 100% organic cotton.