Former Magazine Editor, Nedahl Stelio launches fine fragrance; RECREATION

Recreation Beauty Nedahl Stelio

In this Podcast episode, Alison Morgan chats with former magazine editor, Nedahl Stelio about her luxury fine fragrances and matching body + hair oils.

With her 20 years of journalism experience, Nedahl isn’t a newcomer to the beauty industry, having spent time at the helm of Cleo, Good Food and Fairfax’s Health sections as well as contributing to most major publications in the country. With her immense knowledge of the industry, Nedahl has spent the last 2 years meticulously crafting and formulating the range.

The newly launched brand is Recreation; 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free.

Around 9 years ago, Nedahl cut chemicals out of her life whilst struggling to become pregnant. Perfume was the one remaining product because there were no luxury, natural brands to substitute….

Nedahl has worked with 2 renowned perfumers in Australia, and developed the bases of the fragrances and body oils with a natural/organic specialist.

Sydney Business Coach Alison Morgan