Remaining an independent business within a crowded market

This is First Base

This Business Podcast episode is with Ali Cotton, founder of This is First Base. Sydney based Business Coach, Alison Morgan, chats with Ali Cotton about growing her Activewear Business, especially within a crowded market. Knowing how to remain independent within a crowded market is one way to stand out. It's a question which I am asked often by my Business Coaching clients - so I though this episode would be a great opportunity to dive into this topic in a more public forum.

Marketing is always a shifting and evolving landscape. Technology is leading the way when it comes to reaching consumers, and this is one of the reasons why so many Small Businesses are emerging.

Within this episode Ali Cotton joins me. Ali is the founder of Sports Lifestyle Brand, This is First Base. Ali has a background in fashion however wanted to create something that related to her love of surf, sea and skate culture.

The brand has had some amazing achievements over the past few years and has remained an independent business within a very competitive space.