5 Ways to help promote your next launch

Ways to help promote your next launch

So you’ve created your new product or service and now it’s time to gear up for the launch. So…what’s a good way to create a buzz for your business?

Below I’ve outlined 6 ways to help with promoting your new product or service!!

1. Place the focus on your audience rather than what you’re selling

It’s natural to want to talk about the features of your new product and service. And while we need to let our audience know the features, it’s actually more important that we talk about the benefits.

How will the product / service help your audience.

What’s in it for them?

How will your product / service enhance their life?

Understand your audiences problem / mindset, then address this. You need to be helpful, useful, interesting and entertaining.

2. Recruit Opinion Leaders before you’re ready to launch

Create a list of influencers, bloggers and supporters who are able to align with you in the lead up to the launch.

Reach out to each person and have a suggestion of how they can get involved. Quite often, the way the people can support you will depend on their platforms, your relationship with them and their database numbers. Having a slightly tailored solution will make it easier for these people to say yes.

So much Marketing is done via storytelling these days, so perhaps you don’t even need to give them artwork. It may just be easier to provide a short brief which gives them key messages as well as a link and account to direct traffic…

Have a think what would work best for both your business & their audience!

3. Create a Launch Event

This is my favourite. Creating a launch event is the best way to gain momentum.

Inviting Influencers, Media and Bloggers will allow your message to be spread far and wide.

Events work best when they are interactive and kept to 1.5hrs. There are many different ways to run events; whether it’s small and intimate or more of a party style.

There are always lots of examples on my Instagram Account & Stories - so make sure you check in to gain some inspiration!

4. Pre-Sell

I’m sure you’ve heard it before - pre-sell, pre-sell, pre-sell…..!

If you’re an established business, you’ll have a customer base. Ensure you create a strategy for pre-orders / pre-sales.

Can you offer a discount at this time, or an added benefit?

Think creatively about how you can drive sales through a pre-sell.

5. Talk about it!

As mentioned, storytelling is where it’s at. It’s how we engage authentically with our audience.

Talking about the journey, planning and the lead up is key. It’s important not to start talking about it too early though, as you can end up with launch fatigue….

Ensure your Opinion Leaders are well briefed in what they need to communicate to their audience, have a clear call to action and timings too!

Plan your launch strategy

Planning your launch is just as important as building the product / service. Have a clear plan on timings, messaging and support marketing material.

Marking it out in your diary will also give peace of mind and allow you to see if you need to build on the strategy as you start implementing.

Ways to help promote your next launch

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