Top Hacks For Making Your Trade Show Pop

Top Hacks For Making Your Trade Show Pop

The build up to any trade show is a nerve-wracking few weeks, making sure your corporate messages are on point and putting together your merchandising and advertising; there’s always so much to get right.

And so much that can go wrong. If you’re going to be one of a room full of exhibitors you’re going to need to make sure you stand out from the crowd and present the flawless face of your business. Anything less than perfect banners, print material and immaculately turned out staff are going to give out precisely the opposite message than you intended.

Don’t Be Afraid To Share

That’s when you need to make use of the power of lists, not just any list but smart shared online tasks that can be accessed and actioned by members of your team as and when it’s required.

There are lots of platforms out there that support joint, cloud based working so get your team singing from the same sheet and not missing those little details that so often go astray. Share out pre-show tasks to team members’ individual strengths and remember that as team leader, you can’t do it all. Delegation is going to be your friend.

The second thing to consider is your brand marketing. What are you going to look like to visitors? Consider media walls, banners and marquees as part of your action plan. But don’t overload the visitor with too much in the way of image. A good quality, well-positioned banner beats a poor quality wall any day. Go for quality and not quantity every time. Make sure you order your media advertising in plenty of time to correct any mistakes that might occur.

Not always top of the list but consider what corporate merchandising is going to work at your trade show or exhibition stand: novelty or quirky, tech-related or clothing? There’s a lot on offer so make sure you’ve read your audience well and know what will impress. Consider too, how your team will dress. Will you need to order in branded clothing for that complete corporate look?

Know Your Customer
Knowing your audience is really key to a successful show, tailoring messages to your core market will stand you out from the crowd and as business coaches across the globe will tell you it’s far better to talk to the right customer than just any customer.

Finally, consider your show as an experience for your visitors. It should tick all the boxes of being visually interesting, mentally engaging and offer some sort of physical interaction. For example if you’re marketing your tech product, let visitors get their hands on samples, try them out, try them on even.

If you’re creating your company story with high quality media, banners and marquees, alongside a targeted approach to your audience your trade show won’t just stand out from the crowd it will positively pop.

Get your best people on the expo floor and tell your company’s story the way it deserves to be told.

Alison Morgan