The Benefits Of Self-Employment

Benefits Of Self-Employment

You’re Your Own Boss

It’s an obvious benefit but probably the best one and the reason why most people choose to go self-employed. You no longer have someone higher-up governing your every move. You control how your work is done, and your client will have a say in the final product, but their power ends there. How you get from start to finish is entirely up to you, and that is awesome.

You Earn More

On average, freelancers can earn 45% more than those who are traditionally employed. If you’re self-employed, you are allowed to deduct certain business expenses that employees are not, allowing you to keep more of what they earn. If you need a loan to get you started too, there are some specifically for Start-ups and Self-employed individuals. Take a look at for more information.

You Spend Less

Working for yourself and from home means, you don’t have to spend your time stuck in traffic on a commute. Working from home means not only saving time but saving money on transport, you will probably save on childcare and also on expensive lunches.

You Enjoy Variety

As a freelancer, your job is always changing. You’re expected to adapt, learn, and update your skills continually. With each new client comes a new challenge and you might have to learn new skills. When you’re self-employed, you’re forced to think and to be creative. It’s great to know that your skills are being put to good use and that those skills are going to continue to grow as your business grows.

No Co-worker Drama

Many people who are self-employed work alone or remotely and while that isolation can be daunting at times, it’s often far better than working with people who you don’t particularly like.  

Your work area is all yours

If you want two monitors instead of one or a standing desk, then knock yourself out. Make your workspace exactly how you want it, put up posters, photos, get some plants, whatever you want.

Set Your Schedule

Whether you love the steady familiarity of a fixed schedule, or you long to mix it up with more flexible hours; as your own boss, you’re the one who creates your plan. If you don't like getting up in the mornings, you can rest easy knowing that you no longer have to set your alarms in triplicate just to make that morning meeting. Or, if you are a morning person, you can set your hours for the dawn and have a full day’s work done before your kids get up for school.

When the stresses of everyday life start to get to you, it can be hard to remember how amazing your life and your business is. It's not uncommon for people to question what they're doing and think about giving it all up. But, the truth is self-employment is a fantastic lifestyle choice, so if you ever forget why you chose to be your own boss, then think back to what you were doing before you became a freelancer. Remember your worst customers, your most hideous dress code, your cramped workspace, and your long commutes.

Alison Morgan