Q & A Interview with Mukti Organics

Q & A Interview with Mukti Organics

About Mukti Organics:


What was the inspiration behind creating the Mukti organics brand?

When I first began investigating natural beauty product ranges, I was unable to find a brand that met my personal criteria. As clichéd as that sounds back when I started formulating in the late 90’s, that was actually true. There wasn’t even a certified organic standard for skincare. My goal was to create natural and organic products that are results driven with optimal concentrations of the finest and most potent ingredients.

You’ve most recently launched a book. Tell us a bit about it:

Truth in Beauty is an expose of the beauty industry. Unfortunately, and largely unknown is that most ingredients used in personal care products and cosmetics are largely unregulated. Fundamentally, the book was created to assist everyday consumers in understanding how to read and decipher labels. How and why to avoid certain ingredients that have been red flagged as causing potential health issues and that have been banned or restricted for use in some countries.

It’s about transparency and based on facts and independent peer reviewed research. What began as an A-Z blacklist of the worst offenders, morphed into a 300 plus page coffee table book three years later. The more I uncovered, the more I felt compelled to share. It is a useful and handy resource that is in digestible segments, populated with beautiful imagery to compel the reader to absorb the information and to make discerning, informed and educated decisions when it comes to purchasing and using personal care and cosmetic products.  It is about supporting health, wellness and the environment. It is everything you need to know on making the switch to mindful beauty. 

How do you spend a typical day at work:

I get up at 4am and then meditate for half an hour. I make a bullet proof coffee, play and connect with my dog then I am sitting at my desk by 5am.

Mukti Organics Products

Mukti Organics Products

I have a checklist from the day before but essentially this is my writing, creative and collating time. I do most of my work between 5-9am when there are no phone calls, emails, interruptions and distractions. I also handle any overseas communication if required.

I have three PT sessions a week and on alternate days do yoga and mobility sessions at home. I also walk my dog 5 km a day. This is a great time to listen to podcasts.

From 9am onwards its emails, meetings and management of the day to day activities of the company. My youngest is away at school so I am freed up from parenting duties on a domestic day to day basis. After years of single mum juggling, it is a pleasant respite.

My partner usually heads home by 3pm so we eat an early meal together, hang out and catch up. Generally, we are dog tired and asleep by 8pm.

What’s a skincare tip for helping with dehydrated skin:

Keep hydrated from the inside out by drinking adequate water daily. Keep a 1-2 litre bottle on your desk and sip throughout the day. I also recommend taking collagen. Most water is treated with harsh chemicals so it can be incredibly drying on the skin so take shorter showers and use less heat. Exfoliate regularly with gentle exfoliants that don’t damage the skin and use lots of luscious oils. I treat myself daily with my recently released body polish and body elixir.  

How do you keep your skin looking so youthful? Is there a secret we should know?

Oh thank you! As above I take collagen. I usually put it in my bulletproof coffee and water.

I also use my C Elixir twice a day and my Age Defiance Collection which consists of a day, eye and night serum and contains specific skin supporting polyphenols, vitamins, peptides and antioxidants that have been curated especially to ward of the visible signs of ageing and encourage luminosity. It took five years to research and create and is absolutely packed with every ingredient in viable and active quantities that your skin needs to stay youthful. 

What’s next for the brand?

We have just changed over to ACO/COSMOS certification as it is the globally harmonised and most recognised standard so that has been a huge process that has taken most of this year. The new packaging and website is currently underway and due for release in September/October.

I am formulating new products including an internal range and playing around with makeup and a few other niche products. Next year, we will concentrate on expanding further into Asia and the USA with our fresh new look. Very exciting times ahead indeed.