Music To Make Money By

If you run a bar, club or restaurant or indeed anywhere that uses music as a backdrop, you’ll know the importance of getting your ambience just right. Too loud and you’ll have patrons shouting to be heard over their entrees, too quiet and you have killed that party vibe stone dead.

When you’re not quite sure what to go for, in terms of soundtrack or theme, look no further. This short guide covers everything from busy bar nights to romantic meals for two. We also take a look at why investing in a high quality sound system can save you money in the long run.

Party time

Did you know that the right soundtrack can boost bar takings? It’s true, put your customers in the right mood and they’ll reward you by buying more drinks and food.

When trade is slow, business experts advise slower, quiet music to put existing customers at ease and encourage them to stay on and spend more but when you’re hitting your peak it’s time to up-tempo and volume. Not so loud that no one can hear each other (including your staff) but loud enough to make people want to dance or at least start some feet tapping. It’s a fine balance but with a little practice you’ll master it.

If you have a DJ, then your choice of music will be more or less taken care of otherwise hit up a streaming service to handpick your tunes. Remember to cater for a wide group. While Nashville might be way down your own personal taste list, a popular song from a show can have everyone singing along creating a great atmosphere.

Music To Make Money By

Music to dine too

Choosing the right style and volume for your restaurant is an altogether more complicated affair. Some food experts believe that music can even enhance the flavours of your menu so choose your soundtracks carefully!

Clearly people come to restaurants to talk as well as eat so nothing too loud but as with a bar background, the right music can help create an atmosphere which encourages people to spend and eat more.

Do not even think about playing it safe and going down the easy listening route, take a look at the average ages and type of customer you get and make your best guess at what kind of music they’re going to be into.

Finally, the sound system. Do not waste your time and money on something that will produce a tinny, distorted sound. All this does is annoy customers, which in turn sees them hurrying out of your establishment as soon as that drink or dessert is done, sooner if it’s really bad

Shop around for an affordable deal that gives you great quality at a decent price. Once you’re all set up, then the fun can really begin. Choose an awesome soundtrack that will have customers singing from the same songbook as you when it comes to great atmosphere and the perfect musical ambience.

Alison Morgan