Lot One Potts Point with Head Chef Xenia Jade

Last week we went to Lot One in Potts Point for dinner. Oh my gosh, the incredible Mediterranean dishes, amazing desserts and accompanying wines is definitely something to talk about.

Head Chef & co-owner, Xenia Jade, has created fresh combinations of classic clean flavours throughout the menu. Xenia says that “Clean, uncomplicated flavours are my passion,” “like our squid and chorizo dish, my own variation of surf and turf! It’s the simplicity of dishes like this that make it shine.”

Jade joined the restaurant when it moved from its previous York Street Sydney CBD location to the new Potts Point setting. She has completely revamped the menu to provide a modern take on Australian food fused with hearty Mediterranean flavours.

We enjoyed wine by the glass which perfectly matched our meals (highly recommended!!).

Popular desserts at Lot One includes the Turkish Delight, Snickers, Ferrero Rocher & Bounty! There are so many incredible options that will definitely have people coming back time and time again…

LifestyleAlison Morgan