Focus to make Quick Decisions

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On average, how many decisions do we make a day??….. Some easy, some much more difficult.

As we know… Business moves quickly. We often don’t have time to ponder over important decisions which in an ideal world would require far more time and attention. This is why we need to perfect the art of being nimble, pivoting and taking action.

Below are 4 tips to help with making good quick decisions:

1. Work with your Power Hours

Match high priority and more difficult tasks with your peak times. (Do you know how many people do Admin in their Power Hours?….)

Matching work with your output hours will allow you to focus and be far more productive.

Work with your Power Hours rather than against them.

2. Less Decisions

Automate some of your decisions through creating routines & processes. This will then create headspace to focus on the more important decisions.

Use spreadsheets, share folders amongst team members, automate on-boarding new clients, meal prep for the week…….

Routines and Processes are extremely important!

3. Avoid Procrastinating

Stating the obvious - big decisions take up more time and headspace than smaller decisions.

Avoid second-guessing where possible and move ahead. Make an effort to make quick decisions with the smaller elements which don’t have a big impact on business.

4. Health First

Without your health, it’s very difficult to progress. Put your health first and set priorities.

Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Meditation, Nature, Nurture, Friends, Family

Include self-care rituals into your day - this is necessary for you to survive, thrive and rise..

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Alison Morgan is a highly regarded Sydney 1:1 Business Coach  who consults online with clients in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and well beyond.

With 7+ years private Business Coaching, Alison has worked with over 500 Small Business Owners to help them set up, grow, evolve and become successful.

Alison also has a boutique Branding & Graphic Design agency, Sticky Studio.