Exploring The Single Most Important Aspect Of Entrepreneurship: Organisation

Exploring The Single Most Important Aspect Of Entrepreneurship

We live in a world where organisation is a constant topic. You only have to Google the term to find endless pages of advice on how to be more organised in life and at home, different techniques of organisation, and even details on the benefits of being more organised… the concept is completely inescapable.

Given the focus on organisation throughout all aspects of life, it should come as no surprise that organisation is arguably the single most important quality an entrepreneur needs to have. Below, we’re going to look a little deeper into this aspect of entrepreneurship, explore why it’s so important, and how organisation for business is rather different to standard lifestyle organisation.

Why is organisation so important for entrepreneurs?

In many ways, an entrepreneur sits at the centre of a large, complex web. This web comprises of a variety of different business operations - IT, marketing, SEO, employee care, premises management, and so on and so forth - all of which must be managed effectively… and that’s just in general working life. When it comes to taking on new projects or expanding your business premises, even more strands are added to that web; you have to manage client relationships or file planning permission and organise crane hire to complete your project, all of which must be done in addition to the usual day-to-day operations.

While it is not impossible to keep an eye on all the different aspects of a business without proper organisation, realistically, it’s extremely unlikely you can achieve this.

What are the consequences of starting a business without proper organisation?

The consequences of a disorganised business can be genuinely catastrophic, both for standard operations and more ad-hoc projects. Disorganisation can cause small problems, including issues for staff, or huge problems, such as completing construction work without proper permission in place from a local authority.

The truth is that are simply too many strands of your business web; too many different tasks for you to complete; for disorganisation to be part of your business life. Without effective organisation, you will usually find that strands break, areas get overlooked, and your business falters as a result.

Can disorganised people become entrepreneurs?

If you are relatively disorganised in your personal life, reading through the above is likely to have made you wonder if it’s even possible for you to be an entrepreneur, given the need for organisation.

The truth is that you will find running a business very difficult without good organisation, but there are ways and means to ensure organisation is your top priority. There are a variety of apps and services that can help you keep track of every strand of your business, and the simple fact that you know organisation is important can be beneficial. If you set a schedule, use services designed to increase organisational abilities, and put organisational methods in place right from the start of your business, there’s no reason a usually disorganised person has to avoid entrepreneurship.

In conclusion

There is no denying that organisation is a vital for entrepreneurs, or anyone intending to become an entrepreneur in the future. If you know this is an area you tend to struggle with, then it is well worth taking the time to explore your options for improving in this area prior to starting on your journey towards being a successful business owner.

Alison Morgan