Emily Guo, co-founder of MsHEM

Emily Guo, co-founder MsHEM

Emily Guo, co-founder MsHEM

What’s the backstory to you launching your label MsHEM?

Emily Guo, the co-founder of MsHEM, is an entrepreneur with experience in logistics, academics / education and a Commerce degree to her name. Her varied professional experience has informed and influenced her business decisions to this day and has contributed to the successful launch of her clothing brand.

Emily wears several hats running MsHEM; Co-Founder, General Manager and Creative Director. These varied roles enable Emily to supervise the development of the business whilst offering creative expertise in the design process.

MsHEM, an Australian luxe clothing brand part of the Aurora Fashion Group, was established in 2018. The brand’s philosophy is defined by a sophisticated style that exudes confidence for the modern women, which is shown throughout all their collections.


MsHEM is customer-oriented and creates timeless pieces which transcend seasons at a competitive price. The brand favours quality which is carried throughout their almost exclusive use of innovative fabrics and its careful manufacturing process.

The collections are state-of-the-art in their fabrics, colours and prints which slightly deviate from tradition whilst remaining classic. The clothes are adorned with unexpected embellishments and details which showcase their high quality, creative design approach.

Emily’s emergence in the fashion world alongside a team of like-minded creative designers continues to contribute to the rising recognition and growth of MsHEM as an Australian luxe clothing brand.

How would you describe your label?

MsHEM advocates modern women as being confident, independent, loving and compassionate.

Is there a story behind your brand name?

My personal belief is detail shows the true nature of the characters of a person and everything around him/her. Hem is the first detail I will be looking at when I seek to understand the quality of a garment. So when MsHEM was created, I wanted our client to perceive this image of a diligent dressmaker who puts her heart into making the best quality garment possible.  

What items of clothing should modern women have as a staple in the wardrobe?


    1. A feminine blouse

    2. A Breton top

    3. A versatile dress. (It doesn’t have to be black)

    4. A loose fit wool or cashmere crew-neck

    5. A well-cut blazer

    6. A camel coat


    1. A pair of straight-cut jeans

    2. A-line skirt, preferably midi-skirt

    3. High-waist soft wide-leg pants

    4. A velvet set will add statement to your wardrobe


1.   Ballet flat

2.  Almond toe pump

3.  Casual sneakers 

What are your 3 favourite pieces from your current range?

1.   Laila Velvet Set

2.  Jade silk robe

3.   Elina Light Welsh Blazer and Pants Set

Where do you go for inspiration when designing a collection?

I have travelled over 40 countries, mostly Europe and South East Asia. I love looking at my travel photos for inspiration. My ideas come from learning classical and modern paintings.  

 Alison wearing MsHEM here & here