Dealing With An Office Emergency

When it comes to running a business, especially if you’re doing it on your own, you need to be prepared for any eventuality. Of course you’ve got an eye on the financial side of things, and you’ve got an amazing marketing campaign, and you did a lot of work to make sure both these things were streamlined in your company! But there’s some more physical safety aspects you need to remember.

One such eventuality you need to keep on your mind could comprise an emergency in the office; whether the power has gone out or there’s a fire you need to get away from, you need to be sure you can handle the situation appropriately. So this is your chance to make sure you’ve got tips like this on your side - read on for a quick checklist of what you need to be sure of in your business before the worst case scenario strikes.

Dealing With An Office Emergency

Keep your business as risk free as possible

Know Your Emergency Exits

When it comes to operating safely within an office, you will always need a clear and identifiable route around the desks and chairs, and any other office equipment to the nearest exit that’s marked with an emergency sign. And because of this, your office needs to be kept orderly and tidy, and you need to be sure there’s never too little floor space where you’ve tried to cram extra equipment in!

So, identify your exits and where they lead, and make sure you do a proper risk assessment on any door you want to label as the emergency way out of the building. You’re then going to want to identify an assembly point, to make sure all your employees can collect and be safely accounted for, and that any firefighter or police officer can easily make sure that everyone has gotten out safely.

Know Who to Call

For cases of emergency that are non-life threatening, and don’t require an immediate call to the emergency services, make sure you’ve got people on the books that can take care of them in a good amount of time and in the appropriate way. A.k.a., you’re going to need some professionals on your hands, whether they work for you or a seperate company you’ve got a deal with.
So, whether the wiring has broken in the office, and the entire network for your company is down, or you’ve got a case of crossed wires from a bad renovation and now the lights won’t turn on, be sure to have a service like Richtek electrician on your side. They’ll easily be able to call out to you the same day, and get your operations up and running again. It might also be a good idea to have a specialised IT phone line you can ring up, to be sure that you’re always first in the queue for any computer errors!

Make sure you can deal with any office emergencies! It could mean the future of your business.

Alison Morgan