Collaborations + Communication for success

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Partnerships and teamwork are extremely important when it comes to running & growing a successful business.

A contributing factor to success is very often a result of effective collaborations and moving forwards with a common purpose & goal within the team.

Below are 4 tips for getting the most from collaborative working:

1. Define the scope of the work at the outset

Become clear on the scope and objective of the project before moving ahead. Sounds simple, but it’s common for this to be overlooked.

Next, create clear goals to help to keep the team on track.

In the initial meeting, it’s ideal to define roles & responsibilities. You would be amazed how many people forget this step, with problems arising simply because roles and responsibilities hadn’t been assigned from the beginning... Also be sure to match skillset & strengths with the relevant roles too.

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Creating a conducive environment for brainstorming is also beneficial. Brainstorming is a crucial component of a successful project. Allowing team members to question and brainstorm in a non-judgmental environment will usually bring about the best results. I always love to use large paper, post-it notes & coloured pens. It helps with big thinking and great ideas!

2. Productive meetings

Meetings can sometimes be a time-waster, however if you only schedule meetings which have a purpose and make them efficient, then you have the right recipe for productivity.

Meetings should have an actionable outcome, moving the team forwards & problem solving where there’s need.

Having an agenda, taking minutes and sticking to the allocated time will also help.

3. Effective communication

Effective work communication is so important. I often talk about this in my Podcasts; communication can avoid and solve many problems. Yes Yes!!

Create an effective way to communicate and centralise this.

4. Less emails!

How full is your inbox???……. Eeeek!

Often it’s better to simply pick up the phone, group chat or save it for your next brainstorming or agenda driven meeting.

Keep emails to a minimum where possible!

Schedule some time to bring your team together in a less-structured manner. It’s incredible how a relaxed creative environment can help with coming up with ideas & solutions. Several minds thinking together can often be the magic you’re after!