7 Office Decluttering Hacks You Need This Year

7 Office Decluttering Hacks You Need This Year

A cluttered office is not a productive place to work. It’s simple: the more mess you’re dealing with, the harder it is to concentrate on work. When you have piles of paperwork everywhere, you can find the way that you work greatly influenced. An organised desk is usually a product of an organised mind, and if you aren’t keeping on top of the organisation in your office, then you can pretty much guarantee a workforce that isn’t working properly.

There’s nothing worse than junk lying around the office. The workplace isn’t somewhere you need distraction by rubbish. You can bring in fast eastern suburbs rubbish removal to get rid of the junk, but you have to decide what is and isn’t junk first. Recycling bags should be at the ready before you go through your office and you need to be armed with help: this isn’t going to be a one-man job! Decluttering your workspace has to be a priority for you, and with the seven office decluttering hacks below, you can ensure your space stays clean, clear and productive.

  1. Evaluate your stuff. Earmark a day in your work calendar so that all of your staff can take some time to get involved in the big declutter. Your whole workforce has to work out what is actually needed on their desks. Your brain is going to trick you into thinking you need three separate notepads, but you don’t. Get ruthless.

  2. Organising your desk has to happen so that everything moves in a flow. Ranking everything by importance can help you to decide how to place it within reach on your desk. If you give it the right flow, then work will move through your desk easily and smoothly.

  3. Tidy your trailing cables if you’re still using desktop computers and monitors. Even charging cables can get in the way and out of sight is always out of mind.

  4. Step back and take some photos of your office. Give it an hour and look over the photos. Make a note of where all the clutter is sitting, as the new perspective can give you new ideas on what to cull.

  5. Move up the walls with all the things that you can’t get rid of. You want to clear your desk space, so you can work while it’s clear; but that doesn’t mean you have to empty out the office entirely!

  6. Introduce cleared desks at the end of every day. Once you and your staff have decluttered, you want it to stay that way. Make a point of all the desks being completely cleared at the end of each day before they go home.

  7. Don’t waste your time when it comes to office waste. There’s no need to spend longer than a morning on this task; you can clear the rubbish in no time.

Wasteful behaviours happen when you’re distracted. The less clutter you have the less distracted your workforce will be. Cleared space leads to cleared minds; make it happen.

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Alison Morgan