4 tips for Mind-Mapping your way to success

post it mind mapping

Mind-Mapping is a brainstorming technique which can be absolutely incredible for crystalising ideas and thoughts which have been swarming in your head.

Many people are completely aware of the term ‘Mind-Mapping’ although haven’t set aside time to actually do this exercise. Knowing the power this process has to troubleshoot and problem solve is a good reason to spend a bit of time away from the ‘every-day’ to make this happen!

Whether you do this by yourself, with a co-worker or in a team environment, it can be really helpful for business growth and evolution!!

Below are 4 tips to help with the process of Mind-Mapping:

1. Remove Distractions
Always start here!

Create a space which has plenty of light (I prefer natural light), white noise and remove elements which are likely to distract you…. Perhaps that’s your phone or computer. Close down your Apps if they are constantly dinging or sending you notifications.

Removing the small distractions which have the ability to side-track you will make a big impact on creating a positive outcome for your mind-mapping session.

If you’re using paper, I highly suggest the giant sized post-it notes which can also be stuck on the walls, textas and a big desk or table-space.

Post It Mind Mapping

2. Know where to start
Know what you would like to accomplish before starting your mind-mapping session.

This will help you work out your roadmap. This is the process I use in my Business Coaching sessions - know where you want to be, then create a solution to get you there.

3. Be flexible with your approach, but know it’s ok to deviate
While you’ll know the outcome you want to achieve from the mind-mapping session, also be flexible in your approach.

As your brainstorm transpires, you will likely need to expand upon your initial thought process. Go with the flow … often this is when the magic thought will arrive.

4. Big Paper for your Big Thinking
Have enough paper and post-it notes to fit your flowing ideas. Draw branches, lines and allow your thoughts to come to fruition.

Having a non-judgement mindset throughout this process is key. Colour coding can also give you get a better understanding.

Have fun, don’t worry about perfecting and allow your mind to wander, yet stay focused.



Have a go at Mind-Mapping alone or within your team, taking the time to allow your creative thoughts to flow. Whether it’s 1hr or 1 day you set aside to do this process, you will be sure to reap the rewards through following the tips mentioned above!