5 Business Benefits for Team Collaborations

In my Business Coaching sessions, we often explore collaborations and how we can make them work best for your business. When the right collaborations are made, it can give you a great boost in a particular area needed.

Whether it’s a collaboration with another business, a partnership or having effective & efficient team meetings; coming together in a collaborative culture is powerful for Businesses evolution, growth and in some cases, survival.

During some of these meetings, it’s great to bring the involved parties together in a room with large paper, whiteboards, post-it notes & pens. This big idea collaborative thinking helps articulate concise thoughts and bring them to fruition.

5 benefits for Teamwork Collaborations:

1. Big Ideas

It’s often easier to think outside the box when you’re with a group of people. If you’re in a Small Business like the majority of us here, you’ll agree that you can lose perspective on your ideas if it’s just you thinking about the next steps for your business.

Bringing a group together can generate innovative & dynamic ideas which you perhaps may not have thought of alone.

2. Encourages learning & creativity

Coming together as a team in a brainstorm session allows creativity to flow.

Assigning a host for the meeting to provide direction, encourage ideas, thoughts and action can assist with gaining the most out of the session. This also helps to maximise shared information.

Handing everyone a stack of post-it notes and coloured pens to write, stick on a wall and then move into a logical order once everyone’s ideas are up is a great way to facilitate this type of meeting.

3. Helps with taking calculated risks

You’ll find that team collaboration naturally enables you as a group to take more calculated risks, stretch out of the comfort zone and explore new ideas.

Through creating an environment which encourages free thinking with problem solving allows the project to stretch into a form which is far less likely to take place if it were just 1 person brainstorming alone.

Even if your business is small, you can still take this approach; whether it’s internally or you’re collaborating with a brand or personality.

4. Speed to market

A collaborative culture allows you to launch new products / services far quicker.

It’s important that roles are allocated and there’s a clear chain of communication to assist with maximising the ability to accelerate the process.

This is one area which I see fall down if not nurtured from the beginning :- clear roles and clear communication.

If you get these right, it’ll become your superpower for speed to market.

5. Increased productivity

Great collaboration & teamwork results in increased productivity.

Through assigning clear roles as mentioned in point #4, and encouraging a proactive culture; meetings are far more efficient & effective.

Avoid having meetings about meetings which stretch for hours - an absolute necessity.

Meetings should encourage the sharing of information, obstacles and solutions. Using processes and Teamwork Tools to encourage communication assists in ideas and solutions being unlocked quickly.

Collaboration should be used in all businesses. It’s a great way to move forwards in a manner which cannot be done by just 1 person alone.

If you have any questions about how collaborations can help you, feel free to drop me an email!