Zova Fit Profile with Niall McCarthy

 About Zova Fit:

Zova gives you smart, personalised workouts that get better results. 

Unlike Fitness Apps that deliver one-size-fits all programs, Zova has recommends workouts which suit your personal preference and fitness level so you get the best results. 

Zova has been awarded an Apple Design Award and is widely regarded as the best Fitness App available for iPhone. 

Zova Fit Business Profile

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Niall McCarth, co-founder of Zova Fit App. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m cofounder of Zova, I grew up near Byron Bay and now live in Sydney. I keep active by training at 98 Riley St gym, playing soccer and using Zova.

I love a good long black and my favourite restaurant is Gogyo in Surry Hills (their miso ramen is unreal).  

What was the inspiration behind creating Zova:

My cofounder James Tonkin and I met whilst at university and have been working on digital projects together for the past 9 years. 

Zova Fit Niall McCarthy

We launched the app in 2014 with the focus on providing a high quality, thoughtfully designed fitness experience for people across the world. 

We’ve definitely achieved that goal. Now the focus is on reaching as many people as possible whilst maintaining a delightful experience. 

What would be one of the biggest learnings you’ve experienced along your Zova App journey:

Assuming too much. The best decisions we’ve made has been a mix of gut, creativity and data. We’re continually reflecting on decisions we make and how we can learn from each experience. 

What would you say are the first 3 steps to creating an App:

1. Truly understanding who your target audience is. It’s paramount to your growth.

2. Having a good balance between design, technology and content. They all matter equally.

3. Have clear marketing channels to promote your app. Without this you’re in trouble. 

Which is your favourite type of workout on the Fitness App:

I’m really loving our new feature called Celebrity Classes. They’re 30 minute HIIT workouts hosted by the awesome Vix Burdon (@vixfitlife), she is also joined by a different guest each episode. 

They’re tough workouts, along with Vix and the guest make them entertaining and the music is awesome. All round it’s a 10/10!

Where can people find out more about Zova?

Best thing is to download the app from the Appstore ‘search Zova’. Otherwise keep up to date with our Celebrity Classes and all the behind the scenes on our Instagram - @zovafit

"I've been enjoying the Zova Fit Celebrity Workouts - you may have seen me post about them in my Instagram Stories. I love the ability to quickly do a workout without any equipment needed - exactly what I need given I'm extremely time poor!" ~ Alison Morgan